At Last! - A One-Time Lactose Intolerance Symptom Solution.

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End Your Lactose Intolerance Symptom Suffering


Words can't begin to describe the way you'll feel, if you're finally free of the . . .

Bloating, Cramps, Diarrhea, Pain, Gas, Apprehension, Embarrassment, Inconvenience and Expense of:


You Could Easily Rid Yourself of this Awful Condition - Money Back Guarantee.

Hi, I'm Jena, and I know this sounds crazy and impossible, but if you suffer with serious lactose intolerance symptoms or know someone who does, please read through what I have to say, because this program has changed my life massively for the better. I truly believe it can change yours too. It's been several years now, and I still can hardly believe it. After suffering for over 15 years with lactose intolerance, I can eat any kind of dairy products anytime I desire,
with no ill affect whatsoever.

WoW - Lactose Intolerance caused me such a lot of suffering for such a long time.

It's hard to believe that it's finally over, but - IT IS!
For over 15 years, I endured the misery of this awful digestive problem.
If you haven't suffered with the painful, embarrassing and expense of lactose intolerance symptoms, you have no idea.
But for those of you who do,
You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

But, you know what I'm going to have for breakfast tomorrow?
A toasted buttered bagel, loaded with cream cheese!
Through the week, I'll have several large glasses of chocolate milk . . .
And, I'll probably enjoy a nice gooey slice or three of Triple Cheese Pizza, at least once . . .

Pizza picture for no more lactose intolerance symptom

With NO Lactase Digestive Enzyme Supplements and . . . With No Lactose Intolerance Symptom!

A Year Ago, I Would NEVER Have Believed This Possible!

While having a lactose intolerant symptom is not life threatening,

It does cause a LOT of problems, and the impact on one's life and the enjoyment of the simple pleasure and necessity of eating, can be profound. To avoid a lactose intolerant symptom one has to be constantly checking food labels, politely trying to ask the host or hostess about the ingredients of the dish being served, and enduring the derision of waiters and waitresses who have to be thoroughly questioned before enjoying a meal at a restaurant.

Having a lactose intolerant symptom means a miserable relationship with food:

This Was Me  . . .  Is This You?

  • Constant need to plan ahead for every meal, especially if outside of my home.
      ***Remember to take lactose digestive enzyme pills 10 minutes before a meal.
      ***Forgot your lactose digestive enzyme pills? Take a chance or go hungry,
      until you find a drugstore that sells them.
  • Loud Tummy Rumbling, Cramps and Bloating if caught off guard
    by a meal or drink containing lactose.
    • ***Perhaps the waiter thought the food wasn't cooked with butter,
      or maybe he just couldn't be bothered to find out for sure.
      ***Perhaps my host didn't know that there was lactose in the seasoning he used.
  • Frequent visits to the bathroom if exposed to lactose.
    • ***Invariably this happens on an outing, spoiling the fun not only for me,
      but one way or another, for whomever I'm with.
      ***The gas I'm producing is awkward, embarrassing, and decidedly unladylike.
      I hate feeling like this, and I definitely don't want to talk to anyone while this is going on.
  • Lactase Digestion Enzymes are VERY EXPENSIVE,
    The cost really ads up over time.
    • ***This really eats away at my budget, about $125.00 per month.
      ***I sure could do better things with that money.
  • There is NO spontaneity in my eating anymore.
    I really miss my old relationship with food.
    • ***I sure wish I could share a carmel fudge sundae with my niece
      when I take her to the zoo.



    While accurate, I don't think the description above even adequately describes the day to day misery that goes hand in hand with a Lactose Intolerance Symptom.


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    I could eat anything and everything as a kid, and right through my teens and into my early twenties. (I hate to admit it, but I'm in my early forties now.) And then, things began to change, slowly at first, but with increasing regularity I found myself with an upset tummy after eating some yummy delicious dairy thing. And so it progressed, getting worse as the months went by. Eventually it got so bad that I would panic if I even suspected that what I was about to put into my mouth had come anywhere near butter, cheese or milk. I couldn't understand. Why was this happening? No one could tell me why, all they could tell me was that I had developed lactose intolerance.

    If you're lucky, you may only have a mild intolerance, but unfortunately, the probabilities suggest that the condition worsens over time. If you're severely affected as I was, then the act of eating becomes a minefield to be treaded very, very carefully. And . . .

    We've hardly even touched on the cost of this life dampening digestive problem.
    Pills, pills and more pills, with almost every meal, carefully taken 10 minutes before eating or else!

    I don't know about you or where you live, but for me in Toronto, Canada, the "Name Brand" Extra Strength Lactase Digestive Enzyme Pills cost at least $22.99 plus Tax.(15% Combined Sales Tax) for 40 pills. This works out to $26.44 CDN. Sometimes I was lucky and they went on sale, or I was able to find the generic version for a bit less, but to say that the average price I paid for Lactase Enzyme pills was about $23.00 CDN including tax is no exaggeration. I've been taking roughly a pack and a quarter of the extra strength digestive enzyme pills every week for the last 15 years. (About 5-6 pills per day)

    Besides the Obvious Aggravation, I wonder,
    if you do the math, no matter where YOU live,
    How Much Is The Tyranny of Lactose Intolerance costing YOU?

    At an average cost of $23.00 CDN per pack, it added up to over $1500.00 per year, not to mention the added expense of lactose free milk, lactose free cheese and other lactose free foods. My expenses to deal with this awful condition, easily ran about $1800.00 per year for me before taxes. That means that (in my income bracket) about $2400.00 of my annual income went to keeping this condition under control.

    That's Outrageous! But Fortunately, there could be an Answer.

    There is NO tax deduction for this digestive problem. Now, I don't know about you, but I sure CAN use an extra $2400.00 per year, ESPECIALLY if it also means an end to an embarrassing, uncomfortable and MOST INCONVENIENT affliction.

    I now have much better things to do with the money,


    I simply couldn't afford to be sick anymore. When you extrapolate the expense over the 15 years that I have endured this condition, it adds up to an astonishing $36.000.00 of my hard earned money going to the merchants and manufacturers of lactase enzyme supplements and lactose free foods. Not that I wasn't grateful to at least have some control of this painful (psychological & physical) condition, but how much better off would I be today if I had that money in MY pocket. Even if your expenses are one third of what mine were, you would be wise to consider investing yourself in the solution worked for me.

    Think of the traveling that could be done, the accelerated mortgage payments, the extra things you could do for your family, with your friends and for yourself. Think of the investments you could make with some of that money. Most of all, think of all the freedom you could bring to your life if this condition were to somehow magically disappear. Freedom from obsessive worrying about food ingredients, about carrying a supply of lactose pills everywhere you go, and the freedom to spontaneously eat what you want when you want.

    How much would you invest
    To be Permanently Free of Lactose Intolerance?
    Two or Three Hundred? Five Hundred? A Thousand Dollars?
    Seriously, Wouldn't it be Worth $1000.00 to you,
    To be Permanently Free of Lactose Intolerance?

    I know it's difficult to imagine, because I've been there, but close your eyes for a minute and visualize yourself without lactose intolerance. Imagine what your life would be like if that were to somehow magically happen. What would you eat? How would you feel? Imagine no more lactase enzyme pills to carry around. How much baggage would it free from your life? I know it doesn't seem possible, but just try to imagine it anyway. Take a few moments and visualize it right now.

    FEELS GOOD - Right? - A lot less stress in your life - Right?

    This could be the lucky day that begins the end
    Of your suffering with dairy products!

    Imagine if Permanent relief from the Bloating, Cramps, Diarrhea, Pain, Gas, Apprehension, Embarrassment, Inconvenience and Expense of Lactose Intolerance could be had for only $149.95
    And the taking of a supplement with some meals for a short time?

    $149.95? That's nothing compared to what this condition costs over the long term. $149.95??? Why, I spent close to that every month anyway, dealing with the extra cost of being Lactose Intolerant. When you add up the expense of lactose digestive enzyme supplements, lactose free products, and the extra expense of lactose free "regular food" substitutes over time, this just really makes sense financially. Not even to mention the joy of just being rid of this awful digestive disorder.

    $149.95 is a very insignificant amount of money when measured against the overwhelming benefits.

    I wish that the program I'm going to describe to you today, was in effect and publicized back when I first developed lactose intolerance, because I would have saved myself a LOT of money.
    Tens of Thousands of Dollars to be Exact.

    Up until now, the accepted wisdom on Lactose Intolerance was that there is "no long term solution", only diet adjustment, lactase enzyme supplements and serious lifestyle adjustment. You could simply forget about spontaneously enjoying the yummy stuff, like pizza, ice cream and chocolate. Eating things like this required preparation and planning. And of course, the only "remedy" we were told, was to avoid all those yummy foods altogether or pay up for the expensive lactose enzyme supplement's to manage the problem.
    What a HASSLE!

    Well, I simply don't know what to say about the "accepted wisdom" and that line of thinking, because it almost prevented me from even trying to find answers outside of "accepted wisdom". For a long, long time, I just accepted "that's the way it is", and I resolved to just trying to live my life as best as I could with the problem. . .

    UNTIL . . .

    Quite by chance . . . I discovered . . .

    A Newly Available - Truly Remarkable Program:

    Lactagen, a potential one time Solution to Lactose Intolerance,
    That Reconditions the Digestive System.
    Clinically & Medically Proven over 10 years,
    100% Natural, With a Money Back Guarantee,

    Click here for a possible Permanent Solution.

    It's Even Safe for most Kids.

    What would you say, if I told you, that a couple of months from today,

    YOU could be FREE of your lactose intolerance symptoms,
    FREE of the HASSLE and AGGRAVATION of having to remember to carry lactase enzyme pills everywhere you go,
    FREE of the EMBARRASMENT, of having this highly inconvenient condition.
    AND, FREE of the RELENTLESS COSTS associated with managing your Lactose Intolerance.

    You'd probably say - NO WAY! - That's what I said.

    But, IT'S ALL TRUE. Incredible As It Sounds, I'm LIVING PROOF That it worked for me.

    Thankfully, I had an open enough mind to sense that if
    I used to be free of lactose intolerance, perhaps I could be again.

    If you or someone you care about is suffering,
    I strongly urge you to fully investigate this AMAZING PROGRAM.

    Maybe it was sheer desperation or total frustration that led me to put aside my doubts when I came across this program, - Totally New, 100% Natural, Completely Logical, and with an incredible set of Testimonials and Research to back it up. Not only that, but the company offered a 100% Money Back Guarantee if not completely satisfied.

    What did I have to lose? Another embarrassing "incident"? Continued and constant nervousness about food when eating outside of my home? Wasted money on lactose pills? Devoting half my life to managing this issue? I was willing to try anything that seemed reasonable to get my life back. What do you have to lose?

    What a blessing it was, the day I discovered what was to become my salvation. A program that after 38 days of an easy to follow routine, can deliver you back to a milk drinking, pizza eating, chocolate loving person, free of the hassle, misery and expense of lactose intolerance.
    Now, I'll have to be careful I don't over indulge in all of the lactose laden foods that I've been missing,
    otherwise I'll have to explore weight loss next ;-)

    Here's basically how the Lactagen program works:

  • First, - Make sure that you do indeed suffer from lactose intolerance, don't do this if you suffer from Milk Allergies, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn's disease or something else.
  • Commit to follow the program as directed. (38 Days)
  • Invest in the one time solution.
  • Gradually build your body's ability to tolerate and digest lactose.
    1. This is done by:

    2. Eliminating ALL Dairy for a period of 38 days. (I'd really like to help you with this ***Sign up for my free brochures below)
    3. Take a small amount of the 100% Natural Conditioning Agent in water with each dinner for the first 18 days.
    4. Take a small amount of the 100% Natural Conditioning Agent with dinner and breakfast for the next 16 days.
    5. Each day, consume a little more of the 100% Natural Conditioning Agent, through the 34 days.
        The 100% Natural Conditioning Agent is actually rather tasteless and not unpleasant at all.
        The supplement easily dissolves in water, and gradually strengthens and reconditions the body's micro flora to properly breakdown and digest dairy products.
        The supplement is a proprietary blend, consisting of among other things, Lactobacillus and Acidophilus.
    6. The remaining 4 days could be considered a "Touch Up" if needed. (I did not need this)
  • On the 35th day, re-introduce milk into your diet again. NO LACTOSE DIGESTIVE ENZYMES!
  • Between the 35th day and the 38th day, you see how your body reacts and possibly do a final "Conditioning".
  • For a period of one month after the program, you gradually re-incorporate milk products back into your diet.

  • Eat What you Want, When you Want!


    No More Lactose intolerance Symptom(s)



    There ARE answers to Lactose Intolerant Symptoms. There certainly was for me.

    A HUGE THANK YOU! - To the Visionary and To the Team,
    That put this Life-Changing program together.

    I cannot adequately describe my amazement and joy at having found this Solution to Lactose Intolerance Symptoms.

    Please forgive me for being so missionary about this,
    But this program has changed my life soooo much for the better.
    It's impossible for me not to want to share my story and experience
    With others whom this might help.
    I know that someone out there is going to read this, take a leap of faith as I did,
    And be as thrilled as I am.
    It's my sincere desire now, to help in some small way,
    To free others of the misery of lactose intolerance.

    I was sick and now I am not!

    Thank You Lactagen! - So Very, Very Much!

    P.P.S. I know that you're skeptical, I don't blame you. I was too. The world has been telling us that there is "no solution". But, I'm living proof, that under certain circumstances, Lactose Intolerance Can Be Reversed.
    Please take the time to investigate this further.

    AND, For those that actually take the plunge, and invest themselves in:

    A Potential Solution To Lactose Intolerance,

    To Recap: Imagine a Life Without the Fear of Lactose Intolerance Symptoms:

  • Money Saved Over Time.
  • The Freedom to Eat what you want, When you want.
  • No More Embarrassing Situations.
  • Enjoy MORE of LIFE without the added stress of lactose intolerance.

    Check it out, take the plunge, and commit to A Potential Solution To Lactose Intolerance.
    Take the plunge as I did. You might even become a zealot like me :-))
    . . . and fully understand why.

    Lactose-Intolerance-Symptom Digestive-System-Picture Digestive-System-Enzymes Indigestion-Symptom Digestive-Disorder Lactose-Free-Diet Lactose-Free-Recipe Lactose-Free-Ice-Cream Digestive-Problem